Yokohama 225-50-17 DB Decibel E70

Yokohama 225-50-17 DB Decibel E70

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The DB decibel is for the owners of luxury vehicles who are used to the finer things in life. Like opera. Or it’s for those who are sick to death of noisy tyres.The grip and tread rigidity doesn’t come from big tread blocks. The DB has nice, small petite ones. It comes from a fancy rubber compound that’s unpronounceable even with elocution lessons. At a micro level the rubber doesn’t distort like a normal tyre and it doesn’t produce as much heat (or energy loss according to the scientists). This results in a tyre that's 9.4%* lighter and has a lower rolling resistance. Both of which improve fuel economy.
Model DB Decibel E70
Load Rating 97
Speed Rating V
Tyre type
Width 225
Profile 50
Diameter 17

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