With a huge selection of new tyres including commercial and passenger tyres, from major brands like BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Kumho, Michelin and Radial, HPR Tyres has the right tyre for you. We are the tyre experts. Give us a call and our hassle free service will fit your tyres and wheel balance them (included).

We have tyres for your car whether it’s a light truck, an SUV, or if you own a fleet, old cars or new luxury vehicles. We have the right tyres for you!

Wheel alignments are available. Don’t rely on a dodgy mobile tyre fitting service, get your tyres fitted by a professional tyre fitter that has a full set of tools for the job and can do it properly.

Our tyre technicians will ensure to service tyre issues, and that your new tyres have the correct wheel balance as part of the fitment process.

We have the tyre for your vehicle whether it is car or light truck.

Service Areas

Our service areas include Fairfield city, Liverpool, Horsley Park, Campsie –  everything in between and more. We service vehicles from Sydney CBD NSW through to Penrith. We’re not Australia wide, but customers come to us from all over Sydney NSW.

When to get your tyres replaced:

  • uneven wear (may also require a wheel alignment)
  • worn tread – often only noticed when failing a rego check, but can make your car drive unpredictably and can be especially dangerous in wet weather or slippery conditions
  • driving on flat tyres, or over inflated tyres. The correct tyre pressure for your car’s tyres can be found in the owner’s manual or on the tyre itself. This must be checked regularly as it decreases over time, due to air seeping out from the porous tyre material. Having flat tyres will drastically shorten their lifespan.
  • reckless driving (wheel spinning etc) will increase the rate at which tyres wear.
  • abnormal tyre noise when driven at speed
  • tyres are meant to be fitted in the correct direction of rotation of the wheel. There is usually an indicator on the tyre to show which way around it is supposed to go.
  • tyre valves checked for any signs of corrosion or leakage
  • exterior wheels washed and polished. This will help prevent rust spots on the wheels, which also shorten the life of your tyres (and can be expensive to clean up)
  • when necessary tyres are rotated around the car – sometimes it makes sense to swap front with rear tyres, to ensure even wear over the life of your set
  • Having a “budget tyre” fitted can cost you more in the long term. While they look like a bargain at first, they don’t last as long and may need replacing sooner than quality brands.
  • Cheap tyres especially should be checked regularly for bubbles in the sidewalls

Old tyres get recycled to make flooring for children’s playgrounds. So please don’t dump them at the side of the road.

All in all, time spent taking care of your tyres can extend their life and save you money in fuel, tyre replacement costs and car repair costs. The best way to achieve this is with regular servicing (at least once a year) by HPR Tyres.

For tyre replacement in Fairfield, or more broadly across Sydney NSW call us today!