Can you remember how comfortable and quiet your car was?

Wheel balance is essential for safe driving. Only perfectly balanced wheels will give you the assurance that you can keep control of your vehicle even when things get critical. Improper balanced wheels reduce road holding ability and also increase wear of shock absorbers, struts, and suspension and chassis components.

The wheel balancing system used by HPR Tyres is technologically advanced to provide the optimum wheel balance for your vehicle. Unbalanced wheels cause annoying steering wheel and seat vibrations and can lead to increased fuel consumption.

When Do I Need My Wheels Balanced?

-If your steering wheel or vehicle is vibrating or your tyres are particularly noisy.
-Have you replaced or rotated your tyres recently?
-Accelerated and uneven tyre wear
-You may be one of thousands of motorists who require a wheel balance.

The need to balance your wheels is just part of the general maintenance every car requires. As tyres wear, the distribution of weight around their circumference becomes uneven. Eventually, even if the wheel was perfectly balanced to start with, hitting pothole or a curb with your tyre or rim can throw out a previously balanced wheel.

Wheels impact and the normal stresses of driving may cause a wheel balancing weight to become dislodged. If this happens you are likely to experience the immediate onset of vibration.

HPR tyres generally recommend balancing all four wheels every 20,000 kilometres as a matter of course. Unbalanced wheels will still be affecting your car in ways that may end up costing you a lot more than a wheel balance.