Our puncture repair services are available 7 days a week

We’re open seven days a week. So even if you have a tyre repair issue over the weekend, we can still come out to you and sort it out on the spot. And if the tyre can’t be repaired, we’ll happily supply and fit a replacement one for you, there and then.

To repair or not to repair… that is the question best answered by a professional…”

If you’re driving on a tyre that continuously loses air or has a puncture, it is very important to your safety to have it inspected immediately.

At HPR Tyres we will try and repair a tyre if possible but this must be done within the following considerations:

1) Safety
2) Durability
3) Repair Compliance

The Australia Design Standard for Tyre Repair (AS4457.2) states that the tyre must be checked thoroughly before it’s repaired and the following things must be considered.

• Legal tread depth (more than 1.6mm, most new tyres have about 8-9mm of depth in tread)
• No Bead Damage
• No Exposed Cords or Steel Belt
• No previous faulty or poor repairs
• No ageing or tyre deterioration (cracks & date of expiration)
• No run flat damage.